Reduce time spent cleaning and get more peace of mind with our stone sealing service

featuring LotusCoat™, the revolutionary Nano-Ceramic

coating for protecting household stone and appliance


A single application of our LotusCoat™makes grime, dirt and fingerprints easier to clean and reduces cleaning time significantly! LotusCoat™ is scratch resistant and chemical resistant, as well as UV resistant and thermal resistant. After our treatment, your home will remain cleaner longer! LotusCoat™ is a Semi-Permanent sealant that features a high gloss finish with an unmatched Super Hydrophobic Effect, in other words, spills simply bead-up for fast cleaning with a quick wipe. Your surfaces will sparkle and the natural pattern will pop like never before.
San Diego Granite & Stone Sealing™
Exclusive LotusCoat™ Application Company for the San Diego Area.
Exclusively distributed worldwide by GraniteDoc™ tooling and supply.

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